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Gold, God, & Ghosts

2014. Mixed Media on Alder Wood Panels

Hinshaw Gallery, Pitzer College

For this exhibit, found objects are paired with panels whose materials represent resources extracted from the land by settlers. Each object symbolizes an aspect of Western ideology and are placed inside niches alluding to mining shafts, clear-cuts and coffins. By creating shrine-like structures, I invite the audience to sit with and critique the histories from which these objects emerged. I explore what it means to occupy a place and then leave it littered with material artifacts and a damaged environment. 

This project was supported by an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship.

Left to right from top: 1. Mercury Rising 2. Rough & Ready 3. Snake Oil 4. Skidoo  5. Fool’s Gold 6. Lolita’s Palace of Pleasure 7. Copper Carnival 8. Manifest Destiny 9. Jaw Trap 10. Beggar’s Banquet 11. Ode To You Bet! 12. Indian Removal Act

Fool's Gold

Beggar's Banquet

Snake Oil

Manifest Destiny

Ode to You Bet!

Rough & Ready

Lolita's Palace of Pleasure

Jaw Trap


Copper Carnival

Indian Removal Act

Mercury Rising

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